Dark World for glam babies


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  1. A Great Design by Black Marble on A Different Arrangement (Hardly Art) $ Buy
  2. A Real Hero (feat. Electric Youth) by College on A Real Hero (Flexx) $ Buy
  3. Nightcall by Kavinsky & Lovefoxxx on Drive (Record Makers) $ Buy
  4. Lady by Chromatics on In The City (Italians Do It Better) $ Buy
  5. Under Your Spell by Desire on Desire (Italians Do It Better) $ Buy
  6. Eyes Without A Face by Mrsheaux on E-Bay Queen Is Dead (Undo, Out of Line) $ Buy
  7. Cyanide Sisters by Com Truise on Cyanide Sisters EP (Ghostly International) $ Buy
  8. Break
  9. MSQ No-Extra by Black Marble on A Different Arangement (Hardly Art) $ Buy
  10. Shunting Yard by S U R V I V E on Mnq026 (Mannequin) $ Buy
  11. Digital Versicolor by Glass Candy on B/E/A/T/B/O/X (Italians Do It Better) $ Buy
  12. Maison Klaus by Chateau Marmont on 2008-2009-2010 (Chambre404) $ Buy
  13. Strangers Calling by 猫 シ Corp. on Late Night Stereo (s/t) $ Buy
  14. Midnight Rendezvous by 猫 シ Corp. on Late Night Stereo (s/t) $ Buy
  15. 36 Lovers by Ready For the World on Beverly Hills Cop II (n/a) $ Buy
  16. My Drawers by The Time on Ice Cream Castle (Warner Bros. Records ‎) $ Buy
  17. The Globe by Big Audio Dynamite on The Globe (Columbia) $ Buy
  18. This Must Be The Place by The Talking Heads on Speaking in Tongues (Sire) $ Buy
  19. Love / Hate by Pebbles on Beverly Hills Cop II (n/a) $ Buy
  20. Ocean Drive by Miami Nights 1984 on Turbulence (Rosso Corsa Records) $ Buy
  21. Age of Consent by New Order on Power, Corruption, & Lies (Qwest Records) $ Buy
  22. I Think I'm In Love by Spiritualized on Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space (Dedicated) $ Buy