Radical Dreamers 3.27.17


  1. Who Will I Become by Octo Octa on Between Two Selves (100% silk)
  2. Berlin by Chino Amobi on Airport Music For Blackfolk (NON)
  3. CG Funk by SFV Acid on Doep & Jazzchamber
  4. Destiny Bond by Perfume Advert on Big Gete Star (1080P)
  5. Relay by Factory Floor on 25 25 (DFA)
  6. Tuck by Katie Gately (Tri Angle Records)
  7. Superstar by A.G. Cook (PC Music)
  8. No Rum by Negative Gemini on Body Work (100% Electronica)
  9. Virtual Void (ft. Jpdreamthug) by Cashy on Holographic Art (Squeeze Play Records)
  10. They Cum They Go by Tommy Genesis
  11. Gucci Racks by Goth Money on Trillionaires (Goth Money)
  12. A Better Place by clipping on Splendor & Misery (Sub Pop)
  13. Really Doe (ft. Kendrick Lamar, Ab Soul, & Earl Sweatshirt) by Danny Brown (Warp)
  14. None of Y'all by Maxo Kream on The Persona Tape (Kream Clicc)
  15. Device Control by Wolfgang Tilmans on Device Control EP (Fragile)
  16. Mr. Frosty by Mike & Rich on Expert Knob Twiddlers (Planet Mu)
  17. Corporation by South London Ordnance on Use of Weapons (Aery Metals)
  18. Mari Ori by Lena Willikens on Phantom Delia (Comeme)
  19. Face Up by Air Max 97 (NLV)
  20. Red Eye by Pop District on Secret Dream (Distant Works)
  21. Night/Fall/Dream by Sky H1 on Motion (Codes)
  22. Vorsicht by Pye Corner Audio on Stasis (Ghost Box)