Anti-Gravity Bunny Radio (2016-10-10)

The Shaun Hathaway record was made using recordings of his parents arguing over who gets custody of him and it's fuckin crazy. Also there's a double dose of new Midira releases, both of which are A+++.


  1. Los Ojos De by Giulio Aldinucci on Goccia (Home Normal)
  2. Susa by Moss Covered Technology on Speicherbank (Eilean)
  3. Side B by Shaun Hathaway on October (Cavern Brew)
  4. Number 9 by Rob Collier on Ten Simple Pieces For Piano (auralgamiSOUNDS)
  5. Ritual II by Aidan Baker, N, & Dirk Serries on Enomeni (Midira)
  6. Oerophila by Birken on Monstera (Midira)
  7. Earthquake Hollow by Nevada Greene on Ragged Hollow (Dismal Niche)
  8. Zniknął Cały Las by Vysoké Čelo on Liście Na Księżycu (Opus Elefantum Collective)
  9. Across The Ocean by Andrew Chalk on Everyone Goes Home When The Sun Sets (Faraway Press)
  10. Callus by Asha Tamirisa on Callus / Redux (Pan Y Rosas)