Warm Focus: This Bird Has Flown

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This is the final episode of Warm Focus as a weekly radio show on! :(

But have no fear, Warm Focus will continue as a series of mixes and live DJ sets. I'm looking forward to being able to sink more time into more polished mixes with the same flow-inducing vibe.

Follow @hoverbird on Soundcloud for my favorite radio episodes as well as new Warm Focus mixes and other, adjacent moods.

Pretty much ever song I've ever played on this show can be found on my Spotify account. Follow  @hoverbird on Spotify, I compulsively make mixes (instrumentals to work to, but also tons of other things!)

Warm Focus is also available as a podcast, which is probably the easiest medium of all!

Thanks to everyone who listened, to the amazing team that makes the best community radio station in the country. Stay warm friends!

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