Creep Magnet #2


  1. Casual Embrace by Lie (N/A)
  2. Right Wing by Priests on Bodies and Control and Money and Power (Don Giovanni Records)
  3. Autoclave by Hot Spurr on Autoclave (Dischord Records)
  4. Bugs in Nevada by Adickdid on Dismantle (G Records )
  5. Leave Me Along by The Brat on Attitudes (N/A)
  6. Gimme Brains by Bratmobile on Ladies, Women, and Girls (Simple Social Graces Discos)
  7. blah blah blah by Slutever on Girlpool x Slutever Split (N/A)
  8. Sex by Mika Miko on We Be XUXA (Post Present Medium)
  9. Keep by Pity Sex on Feast of Love (Run For Cover Records)
  10. Remington Rand by The Particles on Advanced Colouring (N/A)
  11. Control by Quaaludes on Are The Winners Always Losers? (Jonny Cat Records)
  12. parts by Late Bloom (N/A)
  13. Festering Brine by BAD DADDIES on Hard Left​/Bad Daddies Split EP (Emotional Response)
  14. Ålidhem by The Bombettes on Umeå Vråljazz Giganter (Ny Våg Records)
  15. Hot Bed by Pussycat Trash on Plink Plonk Pink Punk 7" (Troubleman Unlimited)
  16. A Silver Key Can Open An Iron Lock Somewhere by LiLiPUT/Kleenex on LiLiPUT (Kill Rock Stars)
  17. Nobody's Fool by Twa Toots on Nobody's Fool - Single ( Rootin' Tootin' Records)
  18. Tongue Tied by Erase Errata on Other Animals (Troubleman Unlimited)
  19. You Make No Sense by ESG on Come Away with ESG (99)
  20. Depressiv by Neonbabies (N/A)
  21. Mind Your Own Business by Delta 5 on Mind Your Own Business (Rough Trade)