Creep Magnet #3


  1. Your Love Glows in the Dark by Fifth Column (N/A)
  2. What Went Wrong This Time by The Siddeleys (N/A)
  3. Delayed Reaction by The Rogers Sisters (Rough Trade)
  4. Beat and The Pulse by Austra on Feel it Break (Domino Recording)
  5. Dreams of You by Plush (N/A)
  6. The Worst One by K (N/A)
  7. XXX by Helium on The Dirt of Luck (N/A)
  8. Psykick Espionage by Joanna Gruesome on Weird Sister (Slumberland)
  9. We Lost Control by Neighborhood Brats (N/A)
  10. 8 Ball Deluxe by 7 Year Bitch (N/A)
  11. Exhibition by Pneumonia (N/A)
  12. Safari by The Breeders on Last Splash (4AD)
  13. Banane by Organbank (N/A)
  14. One Louder Solex by Solex (Matador)
  15. Hate My Way by Throwing Muses on Throwing Muses (4AD)
  16. I Wanna Be Sedated by Shonen Knife on na (na)
  17. Red Beret (Madonna) by Pox (N/A)