The Highpoint Lowlife Radio Show Episode 41


  1. Anesthesia by Steve Hauschildt on Where All Is Fled (Visit
  2. No More Dreams I by 1991 on No More Dreams
  3. Water and Sunshine by AQUARIUM / 外神田DEEPSPACE on Luxury Water Jewels | SL001 (Visit
  4. The Same Reply by CARLA DAL FORNO on You Know What It's Like (Blackest Ever Black)
  5. Listen Closely by Jayda G on Sixth Spirit of the Bay (1080p)
  6. Riparian by Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith on Riparian (Visit
  7. Orion by Jonathan Fitoussi on Imaginary Lines (Further Records)
  8. Cold Dream by Slow Attack Ensemble on Soundscapes for the Emotional-Type Listener (Visit
  9. My collection of memories by on PainStation ユーティリティテープ Ver. 1.01 (Visit
  10. Sealaconda (Creta Kano Dub) by Cosmic Garden on Sealaconda EP
  11. Khadi by Samrai on Khadi
  12. Nothing to Hide (Babyfather Honeytrap Mix) (For Shakilus) by Sporting Life on Slam Dunk, Vol. 3
  13. Glass by Mirko Vogel on LP1
  14. Parade by Rhucle on Fantastic Garden (Visit
  15. Untitled B2 by Willow on Workshop 23 (Workshop)
  16. Zissou by LOFT on Turbulent Dynamics
  17. Symbols by Turning Torso
  18. Gliding by Simo Cell on Gliding EP (Livity Sound)
  19. Solar System by Panthera Krause on Solar System
  20. Just Better by Untitled Gear on White Night
  21. Promised Land by Willrijk on Melting Blues (Visit
  22. Bend by Grant
  23. Sleeping Giant by Warren Raw on Ross
  24. Point Drift by Casino Vs. Japan on Frozen Geometry