Anti-Gravity Bunny Radio (2016-11-07)

Chock fulla the coolest ladies around. Ela Stiles is maybe the most amazing. Claire Singer's Solas is definitely one of my favorite drone records this year. And Swooning are unbelievably fucking good, filling the hole that Mountain Man left since they only put out one record and that was 6 goddamn years ago.


  1. La Femme Écarlate by Marie Davidson on Adieux Au Dancefloor (Cititrax)
  2. Molten Metal by Ela Stiles on Molten Metal (Paradise Daily)
  3. Vampirism And Singularity by Aloonaluna on The Gilded Hegemony Of Stars (Scioto)
  4. The Fire The Torched My Fear by Sarah Mary Chadwick on Roses Always Die (Rice Is Nice)
  5. Between The Eyes by Chasms on On The Legs Of Love Purified (Felte)
  6. Sammud by Maarja Nuut on Une Meeles (self released)
  7. The Molendinar by Claire M. Singer on Solas (Touch)
  8. Blueberry by Swooning on Swooning (self released)
  9. Summoning by Tanya Tagaq on Dominions (Six Shooter)
  10. Soi-Même Comme La Matin by Sarah Davachi on Dominions (Jaz)
  11. Spider Web Anthem by Meredith Monk on On Behalf Of Nature (ECM)
  12. Sheltering Hollows by Laura Cannell on Simultaneous Flight Movement (Brawl)
  13. Fall Of O'Dea by Maria W. Horn on Magenta (self released)
  14. Ground And Grave by Ora Cogan on Shadowland (Beacon Sound)
  15. Can't Go Home by Weyes Blood on Front Row Seat To Earth (Mexican Summer)