Te Aprecio: The Right to Vote

Have any questions on the ballot?

Figure it out today on the Te Aprecio Show

Special Guest TOM TEMPRANO!

Tom is running for City College Board and is a Mission Local, as well as business owner and resident DJ.



  1. Revolucionando by Los Yetis on Los Yetis (Golden Rake Records)
  2. I Wish I knew how it would feel to be free by Nina Simone on Baltimore (BMG)
  3. Free Will by Gil Scott Heron on Free Will (Flying Dutchman)
  4. Words of Wisdom by Tupac on 2Pacalypse Now (Interscope)
  5. Miracles by Arrested Development on Miracles (Edel)
  6. Lovely Day by Bill Withers on Menagerie (Colombia Records)