Indierockgirl Radio - Post Election Blues

Come lick your post election blues with 2 hours of the best new indie rock on Indierockgirl Radio on


  1. Have Faith by Palace on So Long Forever
  2. Same old lie by Jim James on Eternally Even
  3. Dead Radio by Angelic Milk on Demos to Rowland S. Howard
  4. School Dates by Faux Ferocious on Cloning the Rubicon
  5. Panique by Juniore on Panique
  6. Ou va la monde by La Femme on Mystere
  7. El Beach by The Liminanas on Malamore
  8. The Veil by Trance Farmers on For whom the scarecrows
  9. Sad Sad Sorrow by The Shivas on Better off dead
  10. Iron Lung by Black Marble on It's Immaterial
  11. Taxi Driver by Pip Blom on Are we there yet?
  12. Up to anything by The Goon Sax on Up to anything
  13. Here we are waiting by Billy Changer on Light and Shadow Under the Olive Tre
  14. Hot Heads by Terry on Terry HQ
  15. Got it Bad by Leisure on Leisure
  16. Don't Leave me in the dark by Vesuvio Solo on Don't leave me in the dark
  17. Soft Machine by Palace Winter on Waiting for the World to turn
  18. Let Me Get There (feat. Kurt Vile) by Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions on Let Me Get There
  19. Bet your ass by Alex Bleeker on Bet your ass
  20. Ghost by Jay Som on Turn Into
  21. Call again by Mall Walk on Funny Papers
  22. Beaucoup by Gorgeous Bully on Split 7
  23. Souvenir shop rock by Savoy Motel on Savoy Motel
  24. Moon Eclipsed the sun by Evolfo on Moon Eclipsed the sun
  25. Try my robe by Goat on Requiem (Sub Pop)
  26. Contact by Froth on Contact
  27. Bird's Eye by Feels on Feels
  28. Gemini by GUM on Gemini