1. Hair by Gregory Corso with Studs Terkel, Allen Ginsberg and Peter Orlovsky on die on me (city lights)
  2. karmapa by don cherry on hear and now (impulse)
  3. Mystery, Mr. Ra by Sun Ra & The Sun Ra Arkestra on ra to the rescue (el saturn)
  4. Kingdom of Thunder by Sun Ra on fate in a pleasant mood (el saturn)
  5. Plaza Real by weather report on the wayne shorter recordings volume 2 (columbia)
  6. trevere by miles davis on big fun (columbia)
  7. lemuria by sun ra on atlantis (el saturn)
  8. lilia by wayne shorter on native dancer (columbia)
  9. california by don cherry on hear and now (impulse)
  10. All Watched Over By Machines of Loving Grace by Richard Brautigan on the sounds of richard brautigan (epic)
  11. ife by miles davis on big fun (columbia)
  12. ode to an african violet by mort garson on plantasia (homewood)
  13. off to on by the knife on silent shout (rabid)
  14. mahakali by don cherry on hear and now (impulse)
  15. port of entry by weather report on wayne shorter recordings vol 2 (columbia)
  16. ode to the west wind by gregory corso on die on me (city lights)
  17. ghetto defendant by the clash on combat rock (cbs)
  18. head out by mild high club on skiptracing (stones throw)
  19. times are bad by adam green on garfield (rough trade)
  20. america by allen ginsberg on closing time (city lights)
  21. What's the Ugliest part of your body by The Mothers of Invention on were in it for the money (reprise)
  22. yummy yummy by julie london on on the rocks vol 2 (norton)