Creep Magnet #4


  1. Bla-Bla by Pink, Plastic & Panties on Anger - Bla-Bla 7” (N/A)
  2. Only Love by Sin 34 on Sudden Death (N/A)
  3. Painijainen by Phyhakoulu (N/A)
  4. Me Gusta Ser una Zorra by VulpeSS on Me Gusta Ser Una Zorra ‎(7", Single) (Dos Rombos Discos)
  5. Die Die by Dominatrix (N/A)
  6. Found Love In a Graveyard by Veronica Falls on Veronica Falls (Slumberland)
  7. BOY SCOUT BOY by Pumpkin on Pumpkin (smoking room)
  8. Banned from the End of the World by Sleater-Kinney on Everything Is Nice (Matador Records )
  9. Girls XL by Potty Mouth on Potty Mouth EP (Planet Whatever Records)
  10. Hip Like Junk by 7 Year Bitch on Viva Zapata! (C/Z)
  11. Outcast Stomp by G.L.O.S.S. on Demo (Not Normal Tapes)
  12. This is Not a Final War by Rad on This Is Not A Final War Demo 2012 (N/A)
  13. Panic by The Comes (N/A)
  14. Arm Candy by Hysterics on Hysterics EP (M'lady's Records)
  15. The Remembrance of Things Dead and Past by No Statik on Unity And Fragmentation (Iron Lung Records )
  16. Pessimism Goes to Work by Eldritch Anisette on Eldritch Anisette - EP ( St. Vitus's Dance)
  17. Dear Josie Love Robyn by Sarge on Dear Josie Love Robyn 7" (Mud Records )
  18. Norman and Narcissus by Trixie's Big Red Motorbike on Norman And Narcissus 7" (Lobby Ludd Records )
  19. Konsumier Mich by Plastix on Die Tödliche Dosis (Danger)
  20. Frolic! by Sad Boys on Sad Boys (Toxic State Records)
  21. Money Talks by Penetration on Don't Dictate (Virgin)
  22. New Kids Army by Suicide Squad on A Reference Of Female-Fronted Punk Rock: 1977-89 [Disc 1] (xxx)