Creep Magnet #4


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  1. Bla-Bla by Pink, Plastic & Panties on Anger - Bla-Bla 7” (N/A) $ Buy
  2. Only Love by Sin 34 on Sudden Death (N/A) $ Buy
  3. Painijainen by Phyhakoulu (N/A) $ Buy
  4. Me Gusta Ser una Zorra by VulpeSS on Me Gusta Ser Una Zorra ‎(7", Single) (Dos Rombos Discos) $ Buy
  5. Die Die by Dominatrix (N/A) $ Buy
  6. Found Love In a Graveyard by Veronica Falls on Veronica Falls (Slumberland) $ Buy
  7. BOY SCOUT BOY by Pumpkin on Pumpkin (smoking room) $ Buy
  8. Banned from the End of the World by Sleater-Kinney on Everything Is Nice (Matador Records ) $ Buy
  9. Girls XL by Potty Mouth on Potty Mouth EP (Planet Whatever Records) $ Buy
  10. Hip Like Junk by 7 Year Bitch on Viva Zapata! (C/Z) $ Buy
  11. Outcast Stomp by G.L.O.S.S. on Demo (Not Normal Tapes) $ Buy
  12. This is Not a Final War by Rad on This Is Not A Final War Demo 2012 (N/A) $ Buy
  13. Panic by The Comes (N/A) $ Buy
  14. Arm Candy by Hysterics on Hysterics EP (M'lady's Records) $ Buy
  15. The Remembrance of Things Dead and Past by No Statik on Unity And Fragmentation (Iron Lung Records ) $ Buy
  16. Pessimism Goes to Work by Eldritch Anisette on Eldritch Anisette - EP ( St. Vitus's Dance) $ Buy
  17. Dear Josie Love Robyn by Sarge on Dear Josie Love Robyn 7" (Mud Records ) $ Buy
  18. Norman and Narcissus by Trixie's Big Red Motorbike on Norman And Narcissus 7" (Lobby Ludd Records ) $ Buy
  19. Konsumier Mich by Plastix on Die Tödliche Dosis (Danger) $ Buy
  20. Frolic! by Sad Boys on Sad Boys (Toxic State Records) $ Buy
  21. Money Talks by Penetration on Don't Dictate (Virgin) $ Buy
  22. New Kids Army by Suicide Squad on A Reference Of Female-Fronted Punk Rock: 1977-89 [Disc 1] (xxx) $ Buy