Anti-Gravity Bunny Radio (2016-11-21)

New Mike Weis! An insane Medina & Walsh collab! Plus 4 from White Reeves Productions and 3 from Denovali.


  1. Lower Down by Pay The Rent on Soft On Glass (White Reeves)
  2. TKE-1520a 040116 by Dwayne Rifle on Dwayne Rifle (White Reeves)
  3. Revise And Refine by Forest Management on Shifting (White Reeves)
  4. Three by Supervolcano on The Vault (White Reeves)
  5. Ebata by Broken Shoulder on Hashiridase (Kirigirisu)
  6. Riding by Roy Montgomery on R M H Q: Headquarters (Grapefruit)
  7. 19'36" by Mike Weis on Sound Practice (Monastral)
  8. Moon Child by Heavy Birds on Drag (Moon)
  9. Chew (Teh) by Ezb on 6 Songs For Listening (Freeer)
  10. The Loa by Paco Sala on Ko Yo (Denovali)
  11. Forsaken Part II by Subheim on Trails (Denovali)
  12. Hive by Blueneck on The Outpost (Denovali)
  13. Deaths Headed Sphinx by Media & Walsh on Vault Of Angels (Debacle)