The Hanging Garden Radio Show 11/20 with guest Mystik Krystal!


  1. Apologize by Fourwaycross on Fill The Sky
  2. Stairs (Uncertain Journey) by Christian Death on Only Theatre Of Pain
  3. Ho Kah Hey by Psi Com
  4. So It Is Written by Savage Republic
  5. Rollercoaster by Red Temple Spirits
  6. Break
  7. Carousel by Death in June on Nada!
  8. Moya by Southern Death Cult
  9. Broken by Corpus Delicti on Obsessions
  10. All Souls by Clay Allison
  11. Blood Bitch by Cocteau Twins on Garlands (4ad)
  12. Clockwise by Belgrado
  13. Bara Hros by Born
  14. Dirges Dwell by Arctic Flowers on Weaver
  15. Life Comes From Death by Rakta
  16. Say Anything by Silver Shadows
  17. Don't Walk Away by The Deep Eynde on Shadowland
  18. People Who Died by The Jim Carroll Band on Catholic Boy
  19. The ID Parade by Danielle Dax on Blast The Human Flower
  20. Skipping by Associates on Sulk
  21. Incubus (Blue Suit) by Tuxedomoon on Desire (Ralph)
  22. Green Fingers by Siouxsie and The Banshees on A Kiss In The Dreamhouse
  23. As High As You Can Go by The Chameleons
  24. Sweetness…of Pain by Asylum Party
  25. Imitation of Christ by The Psychedelic Furs
  26. Lucifer Sam by Love and Rockets