clementine & (some) jangles she's grateful for

in the spirit of thankgiving: a series of songs and scenes I'm thankful for


  1. All That Ever Mattered by Shop Assistants on Shopping Parade (Subway Organization)
  2. Break
  3. Plastic Flowers by The Wake on Something That No One Else Could Bring (Factory)
  4. Where Damage Isn't Already Done by The Radio Dept. on Lesser Matters (Labrador)
  5. Fourteen by Beat Happening on Beat Happening (K)
  6. Supermarket Scene by Failed Flowers on Failed Flowers (25 Diamonds)
  7. Kiss The Eclipse by My Bloody Valentine on Sunny Sundae Smile (Lazy)
  8. Break
  9. Christine by The House of Love on The John Peel Sessions: 1988 - 1989 (Strange Fruit)
  10. We Can't Be Friends by Black Tambourine on Black Tambourine (Slumberland)
  11. Falling and Laughing by Orange Juice on You Can't Hide Your Love Forever (Postcard)
  12. Second Sight by Marine Girls on Lazy Ways (Cherry Red)
  13. When Morning Comes To Town by The Field Mice on Sensitive / When Morning Comes To Town (Sarah)
  14. Break
  15. My Politics by Needles//Pins on Bloodstains Across British Columbia (Mammoth Cave Recording Co.)
  16. Dance With Me by Man The Hunter on Less For You / Dance With Me (Ginkgo)
  17. The Glittering Prizes by Television Personalities on ...And Don't the Kids Just Love It (Rough Trade)
  18. Wave of my Emotion by Twin Steps on Serial Parade (Cola Bruin)
  19. Break
  20. Solar System by The Microphones on Mount Eerie (K)