Melanie Jams


  1. I'm gonna get you by Bizarre Inc on Bizarre Inc (Bizarre Inc)
  2. Hard Times by Baby Huey & the Baby Sitters on Baby Huey & the Baby Sitters (Baby Huey & the Baby Sitters)
  3. Say it Loud by James Brown on James Brown (James Brown)
  4. Everyones Got A Problem by Fathers Children on Fathers Children (Fathers Children)
  5. Run, Nigger by The Last Poets on The Last Poets (The Last Poets)
  6. Dialogue of Spirits by The Pyramids on The Pyramids (The Pyramids)
  7. Mississippi Goddamn by Nina Simone on Nina Simone (Nina Simone)
  8. Blackman -mixed by Sun Ra on Sun Ra (Sun Ra)
  9. Everybody Watches by The Watts Phophets on The Watts Phophets (The Watts Phophets)
  10. Calling Planet Earth by Sun Ra on Sun Ra (Sun Ra)
  11. Lovesick Blues (Round Dance Song) by Northern Cree on Northern Cree (Northern Cree)
  12. Strange Worlds by Sun Ra on Sun Ra (Sun Ra)
  13. Oops by The Boyz on The Boyz (The Boyz)
  14. Good Heart by Bear Creek on Bear Creek (Bear Creek)
  15. Look At This by A Tribe Called Red on A Tribe Called Red (A Tribe Called Red)
  16. Yesterday by J Dilla on J Dilla (J Dilla)
  17. In my Heart by Bill Withers on Bill Withers (Bill Withers)
  18. Hare Krishna by Alice Coltrane on Alice Coltrane (Alice Coltrane)