Tuff Signals 136


  1. Stumble & Fall by Night Drives on Night Drives (Self Released)
  2. Standing The Night by Miss Chain & The Broken Heels on Uh Uh / Standing The Night 7 (Self Released)
  3. How Long by Shannon and the Clams on Gone by the Dawn (Hardly Art)
  4. Coverboy by Fatal Jamz on Coverboy (Lolipop Records)
  5. Walky Talky by Dogbreath on Second Home (Asian Man)
  6. You Don't Dance by Pale Angles on Daydreaming Blues (Recess Records)
  7. Bruises by Leggy on DANG (Manic Static)
  8. Lifeliness by Staring Problem on Staring Problem Ghost EP (Modern Tapes)
  9. Gold & Glowing by don't on forget it (Self Released)
  10. Tea-soaked Letter by Anna Burch on Stef & Anna Split (Palm Tapes)
  11. nailpolish by Heavy Dreams on Heavy Dreams (Self Released)
  12. dirt by tony peachka on Dirty Knees (Self Released)
  13. Living Room Bop by The Gooch Palms on Introverted Extroverts (Summer Camp Records)
  14. Electric by Rik & the Pigs on Baked Transformer (Self Released)
  15. Piece Of Mind by Ubik on Ubik Demo (Lost In Fog Records)
  16. Red Headed Girl by Tijuana Panthers on Max Baker (Self Released)
  17. Concentration Camp by Personal and the Pizzas on Personal and the Pizzas (Slovenly Records)
  18. Hard to Stay by Low Culture on Hard to Stay / Lonely Summer (La Ti Da Records)
  19. Burner by BB Cream on Rose Petal Pie (Self Released)
  20. Society of Plants by The Blind Shake on Celebrate Your Worth (Goner Records)
  21. Special Mood by Sweatshop Boys on Always Polite, Never Happy EP (Twine Records)
  22. New Beginning by Polish Gifts on Whatever You Did, I Hate It (Self Released)
  23. Tic For Tac by Endless Column on Demo (Taken By Surprise Records)
  24. Hitch A Ride by Gross Pointe on Bad Seed EP (HoZak Records)
  25. They'll Never Find You by The Pukes on The Revenge of the Pukes (Good Land Records)
  26. Just Lying In The Sun by petite garcon on Live on Radio 1190 (Self Released)
  27. Silver Velvet by The Courtneys on II (Flying Nun Records)
  28. You'll Fall In Love by Mrs. Magician on You'll Fall In Love (Thrill Me Records)
  29. Casual Wrecks by Adult Books on Running from the Blows (Lolipop Records)
  30. Black Jack by Dude York on Sincerely (Self Released)
  31. Garden by Hinds on Leave Me Alone (Self Released)
  32. Cartoons by Swimsuit Addition on Killin Time (Tall Pat Records)
  33. Gwani by BOBKAT '65 (Get Hip)
  34. Pity Party by Strawberry Jacuzzi on Watch The Clock (Same Weird Sin)
  35. Bad Dreams by Bleach Party on Endless Bender (Tall Pat Records)
  36. Swim by Royal brat on Negative Bone (No Problem Records)
  37. Leather Weather by Pretty Pretty (Let's Pretend Records)
  38. Adderall by The Coathangers on Suck My Shirt (Suicide Squeeze)