Creep Magnet #7


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  1. Red by Red #9 (N/A) $ Buy
  2. Had to Be There by Dress Up As Natives on Had to Be There (Public Records) $ Buy
  3. I Never Knew by The Avocados on I Never Knew (Choo Choo Train Records ) $ Buy
  4. Jaywalking by Twelve Cubic Feet on Demo Tape (N/A) $ Buy
  5. Count by Vain Aims on You (We Practise In A Garage Records) $ Buy
  6. Dozen by Alison's Halo on Dozen (Independent Project Records ) $ Buy
  7. Break
  8. July First by Moss Lime on July First (Fixture Records) $ Buy
  9. Kinky Love by Pale Saints on Flesh Balloon (4AD) $ Buy
  10. comic books by i tried to run away when i was 6 (but got too scared to cross the street) (N/A) $ Buy
  11. Hot Bed by Pussycat Trash on Plink Plonk Pink Punk (Chocolate Narcotic) $ Buy
  12. Femme Fatale by Dolly Mixture (N/A) $ Buy
  13. Stress by Vexx on Vexx (N/A) $ Buy
  14. These Floors Are Smooth by The Deep Freeze Mice on Hang On Constance Let Me Hear The News (Jarmusic) $ Buy
  15. Broken Scenes by Vixens on Vixens (N/A) $ Buy
  16. White Girl by Heavens to Betsy on Calculated (Kill Rock Stars ) $ Buy
  17. My Cherry is in Sherry by Ludus on The Visit/The Seduction (LTM) $ Buy
  18. Förruttnelsen by Blago Bung on Kärleken & Döden (Heartwork Records) $ Buy
  19. Pillow Case Kisser by Skinned Teen on Bazooka Smooth! (Lookout! Records) $ Buy
  20. Sound of the City by The Cannanes on A Love Affair With Nature (N/A) $ Buy
  21. C'est Fab by Nancy Sesay and the Melodaires on C'Est Fab (It's War Boys) $ Buy