Creep Magnet #7


  1. Red by Red #9
  2. Had to Be There by Dress Up As Natives on Had to Be There (Public Records)
  3. I Never Knew by The Avocados on I Never Knew (Choo Choo Train Records)
  4. Jaywalking by Twelve Cubic Feet on Demo Tape
  5. Count by Vain Aims on You (We Practise In A Garage Records)
  6. Dozen by Alison's Halo on Dozen (Independent Project Records)
  7. Break
  8. July First by Moss Lime on July First (Fixture Records)
  9. Kinky Love by Pale Saints on Flesh Balloon (4AD)
  10. comic books by i tried to run away when i was 6 (but got too scared to cross the street)
  11. Hot Bed by Pussycat Trash on Plink Plonk Pink Punk (Chocolate Narcotic)
  12. Femme Fatale by Dolly Mixture
  13. Stress by Vexx on Vexx
  14. These Floors Are Smooth by The Deep Freeze Mice on Hang On Constance Let Me Hear The News (Jarmusic)
  15. Broken Scenes by Vixens on Vixens
  16. White Girl by Heavens to Betsy on Calculated (Kill Rock Stars)
  17. My Cherry is in Sherry by Ludus on The Visit/The Seduction (LTM)
  18. Förruttnelsen by Blago Bung on Kärleken & Döden (Heartwork Records)
  19. Pillow Case Kisser by Skinned Teen on Bazooka Smooth! (Lookout! Records)
  20. Sound of the City by The Cannanes on A Love Affair With Nature
  21. C'est Fab by Nancy Sesay and the Melodaires on C'Est Fab (It's War Boys)