The Highpoint Lowlife Radio Show Episode 46


  1. RE: (No Subject) by MC Paul Barman on King Geedorah Snake Charmer Mix (Solid Steel)
  2. Sourcer by Demdike Stare on Wonderland
  3. ChannelTwo(MurderousDub) by SEEKERSINTERNATIONAL on SKRSINTL presents The RaggaPreservationSociety
  4. SoundDedication by SEEKERSINTERNATIONAL on SKRSINTL presents The RaggaPreservationSociety
  5. Unity (Remix) by Remarc on Sound Murderer (Planet Mu)
  6. Solitaire by Sully on Blue
  7. Win In The Flat World by Lorenzo Senni on Persona (Warp)
  8. Gong Bath by Slow Riffs on Gong Bath (Mood Hut)
  9. Lost Of Light by Powder on Highly (ESP Institute)
  10. Smokey by Alphonse on Smokey ([Emotional] Especial)
  11. Always On by Music People on Always On (Mood Hut)
  12. Saint Bardot by Hi and Saberhagen (Yume)
  13. Come 4 Me by Abra on Princess
  14. ダウンタウン(feat. Xenka) by Saint Leidal The 2nd on Future Tiberian Baths vol. 2 (Visit
  15. Wysh by C Powers on Fitness Check (Bump N Niche)
  16. Good To Me by Shan on Good To Me
  17. Jerry by DJ Seinfeld on Season 1 EP (Lobster Theremin)
  18. Cherry by Baba Stiltz on Cherry
  19. Head Works by Hot City on Yeah! / Head Work (Highpoint Lowlife)
  20. Your Son Belongs To Me (Moon Dub mix) by 2 Bit Crew
  21. Twice The Space In Space by Central
  22. Rain Dance by T. Matt on SNAKER 007 (Mood Hut)
  23. Hidden Spheres by DJ SPORTS on Person Hideaway (HELP Recordings)
  24. rabbits foot by -
  25. Mumakata by Sputnik on Edits From Sputnik Quadrant (Edits From)