Creep Magnet #8


  1. Ladyflash by The Go! Team on Ladyflash (Memphis Industries)
  2. In Pieces by The World
  3. Fire by Lizzy Mercier Descloux on Press Color (ZE Records)
  4. Kickball Babe by Tsunami
  5. Bloodstone by MANE (Self Released)
  6. bowser by Composite
  7. Shaved Faces by So Stressed
  8. Kitchen Sink by Coherance
  9. Say Anything by Silver Shadows
  10. Mild Confusion by Tamaryn (True Panther Sounds)
  11. All in All by Screature on Screature (S-S Records)
  12. Only Love by Sin 34 on Sudden Death
  13. Grey Water by daisy world
  14. Johnny by No Control on Nice and Loud (Big City Records)
  15. The Leanover by Life Without Buildings on The Leanover / New Town (Tugboat Records)
  16. Making the Nature Scene by Sonic Youth on Confusion Is Sex (SST Records)
  17. You Say by The Nixe on The Nixe (Polly Maggoo)