Creep Magnet #8


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  1. Ladyflash by The Go! Team on Ladyflash (Memphis Industries ) $ Buy
  2. In Pieces by The World (N/A) $ Buy
  3. Fire by Lizzy Mercier Descloux on Press Color (ZE Records) $ Buy
  4. Kickball Babe by Tsunami (N/A) $ Buy
  5. Bloodstone by MANE on Single (Self Released) $ Buy
  6. bowser by Composite (N/A) $ Buy
  7. Shaved Faces by So Stressed (N/A) $ Buy
  8. Kitchen Sink by Coherance (N/A) $ Buy
  9. Say Anything by Silver Shadows (n/a) $ Buy
  10. Mild Confusion by Tamaryn on Mild Confusion 7" (True Panther Sounds ) $ Buy
  11. All in All by Screature on Screature (S-S Records) $ Buy
  12. Only Love by Sin 34 on Sudden Death (N/A) $ Buy
  13. Grey Water by daisy world (N/A) $ Buy
  14. Johnny by No Control on Nice and Loud (Big City Records) $ Buy
  15. The Leanover by Life Without Buildings on The Leanover / New Town (Tugboat Records) $ Buy
  16. Making the Nature Scene by Sonic Youth on Confusion Is Sex (SST Records) $ Buy
  17. You Say by The Nixe on The Nixe (Polly Maggoo) $ Buy