Anti-Gravity Bunny Radio (2017-01-02) - Top 20 Metal Countdown

Was able to cram all 20 (21) into one episode and only had to do one excerpt. I consider that a victory.

Check the full list over here.


  1. Perennial Self by Malevich on Only The Flies (Murder On Ponce)
  2. Crumbling Palaces by Book Of Sand on Occult Anarchist Propaganda (Mouthbreather)
  3. Palimpsest by Jute Gyte on Perdurance (Jeshimoth)
  4. Behold by Zön on Mount Gaash (self released)
  5. Interloper by Aureole on Aurora Borealis (Fallen Empire)
  6. In The Halls Of The Hunter by Fuath on I (Neuropa)
  7. Erschöpft by Tardigrada on Emotionale Ödnis (Fallen Empire / EISENWALD TONSCHMIEDE)
  8. White Kingdom by El-Ahrairah on El-Ahrairah (Underground Soundscapes)
  9. Aether Wind by Mare Cognitum on Luminferous Aether (I, Voidhanger / Fallen Empire)
  10. Mystic Blood Scrying by T.O.M.B. on Fury Nocturnus (Peaceville)
  11. Air Of The Black Spore (Contamination) by Hagazussa on Dyspnea: Early Works Compilation (self released)
  12. The Cold Suffocating Dark Goes On Forever by VRTRA on My Bones Hold A Stillness (Sentient Ruin)
  13. Tongues Of Knowledge by Twilight Fauna on Fire Of The Spirit (Fragile Branch)
  14. Ego by Without on Elaborations: II (self released)
  15. Conflict by Névoa on Re Un (Avantgarde)
  16. Proclaiming Satan by Forgotten Spell on Epiphaneia Phosphorus (Angel, God Or Insanity) (GOATOWAREX)
  17. Your Flesh Is A Relic by Spektr on The Art To Disappear (Agonia)
  18. Blood In The River by Zeal And Ardor on Devil Is Fine (Reflections)
  19. Slipstream Summer by RLYR on Delayer (Magic Bullet)
  20. Obsolete by Astronoid on Air (Blood Music)
  21. Intertia, An Ill Compeller by Mizmor on Yodh (Gilead Media)