Episode 6: Marlene Flores


  1. Amputation by The Jesus and Mary Chain on Amputation (EK OK)
  2. Mask Maker by LIARS on Mess (Mute Artists Ltd)
  3. Order from Chaos by Max Cooper on Emergence (Mesh )
  4. Calling Listening by Rosemary Fairweather on Calling Listening EP (Self Released)
  5. Dans Le Noir by Dark Rooms on Dark Rooms (Self Released)
  6. I'm Gone by Maal A Goomba on Bear Club Music Group (Good Morning, I love you)
  7. US by Movement on Ivory - Rework (Modular)
  8. High Together by Siriusmo on Mosaik (Monkeytown Records)
  9. Don't You Love by Lil Silva, Banks on Mabel (True Panther Sounds)
  10. Here in Spirit by Jim James on Eternally Even (ATO Records)
  11. It's Not My Party by Diamond Rings on Special Affections (Capitol Records)
  12. Watch Me by Anohni on Hopelessness (Secretly Canadian)
  13. Working Out by Donny Benet on Working Out - Single (Plastic World)
  14. Too Fast by Sonder on Too Fast (Self Released)
  15. Colour In Your Hands (Feat. Fink) by D.L.i.d on Colour in your hands EP (Leonizer Records)
  16. Fun City - 2016 edit by Marc and the Mambas on Trials of Eyeliner (UMC)
  17. Lily by Rudi Zygadlo on Lily (RZ Records)
  18. No More Cryin by The Molochs on No More Cryin (Innovative Leisure)
  19. Tonight I've Got a Bottle by Miss Derringer on Lullabies (Sympathy for the Record Industry)
  20. Seeing is Forgetting by The Beat Escape on The Beat Escape (Bella Union)
  21. Bist du down? by Ace Tee on Bist du down? (Nur! Musik)
  22. 22 (Over S88n) by Bon Iver feat Bob Moses on 22/10 (Jagjaguwar)
  23. 17 by Brandon Can't Dance on LXVE EP (Self Released)
  24. BB by Korel Kovacs on The Bells (Studio Barnhus)