Thanksgiving Broadcast: Stories From Around the Mission

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Happy Holidays! 

The Mission Local crew is out of the office, and we hope you're catching some vacation time as well. For our Thanksgiving edition, we decided we would share some stories that our neighbors have written in the past.  They're not necessarily Thanksgiving stories (though some may inspire gratitude for the things many of us take for granted), but they struck a chord with us or with our readers, and we thought we'd share them with you this week. 

"Daniel C." is Katharine Blake McFarland's very recent story of an encounter with a homeless man in her area. 

"Death of A Homeless Man," by Jenn Quinn, was published earlier this year, and is her narrative of unknowingly witnessing a local man's death. 

For some comic relief, "A Rising Tide That Sinks All Boats" is a story from the early 2000s. Written by Erick Lyle, it's read aloud here by Mission Local's Daniel Hirsch. 

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