Thanksgiving 2014 - Nov 27


  1. Good Morning, Captain by Slint on Spiderland (unk)
  2. TNT by Tortoise on TNT (unk)
  3. Passage of Time by Cloud nine(9) on Passage of Time (unk)
  4. Bond by Lite on unk (unk)
  5. Long Tomorrow by Toe on For Long Tomorrow (unk)
  6. Teleblister by Clever Girl on No Drum and Bass in the Jazz Room (unk)
  7. The World Outside by Maserati on Inventions for the New Season (unk)
  8. the obstacle is the path by sleepmakeswaves on sleepmakeswaves US EP (unk)
  9. Executioner Blues by Do Make Say Think on You You're A History In Rust (unk)
  10. Neverland by Takénobu on Introduction (unk)
  11. Loft by Caspian on You Are The Conductor (unk)
  12. Amber, Ember, Glow by Saxon Shore on Four Months of Darkness (unk)
  13. Insomnia by Fleur de lis on Hvid (unk)
  14. First Breath After Coma by Explosions In the Sky on The Earth Is Not a Cold Dead Place (unk)
  15. Fireflies and Empty Skies by God Is An Astronaut on All Is Violent, All Is Bright (2011 Remastered Edition) (unk)
  16. Tropic Lame by Tera Melos on X'ed Out (unk)
  17. Is That a Person? by Ghosts And Vodka on Addicts and Drunks (unk)
  18. Bikes by tideedit on unk (unk)
  19. The Raven by Caspian on Tertia (unk)
  20. Alle Auf Pause by Couch on unk (unk)
  21. Scorpion Bowls At The Hong Kong by GIRAFFES? GIRAFFES! on unk (unk)
  22. Veil of the Phoenix by GLACIERS on Mirrored Through The Ancients (s/t)
  23. Beow by Suffer Like G Did on Beow (unk)