Tuff Signals 139


  1. Diet, Crime, And Delinquency by Personal and the Pizzas on Personal and the Pizzas LP (Slovenly Records)
  2. Creature Feature by Meatbodies on ALICE (In The Red)
  3. Whatcha Gonna Do by The Hunches on The Hunches (Almost Ready Records)
  4. Underground by Brace! Brace! on Controlled Weirdness (Howlin Banana Records)
  5. Blind Love by Jack Oblivian & The Sheiks on The Lone Ranger of Love (Mony Records)
  6. Law and Order by Miss Destiny on Miss Destiny (Self Released)
  7. Vehicle by Pnatural on Phature Walk (Self Released)
  8. Ain't the Way by City Slang on The Wild Angels Comp (Girlsville)
  9. Lick Up Your Town by Timmy's Organism on Lick Up Your Town (Total Punk)
  10. End Track by Dear Darkness on Shes's That Kind of Person but I still Like Her (Self Released)
  11. A Little Touch of Gravity by MOONWALKS on In Light (The Scales In The Frame) (Greenway Records)
  12. A Night of Fright Is No Delight by Deadly Vipers on A Night of Fright (Self Released)
  13. Heaven Is In My Head by Aquarian Blood on Last Nite in Paradise (Goner Records)
  14. La Arana by Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds on La Arana Es La Vida (In the Red Records)
  15. Ratas by Rata Negra on Oido Absoluto LP (La Vida Ed Un Mus Disco)
  16. You Should Leave Him by Tyrannamen on Tyrannamen (Static Shock Records)
  17. Tungs by The Frights on You Are Going To Hate This (Dangerbird Records)
  18. Electronic Lighter by Giorgio Murderer on Holographic Vietnam WAr (Pelican Pow Wow)
  19. You Come First by JJ Doll (Self Released)
  20. Meth by Sleeping Beauties on Sleeping Beauties (In The Red)
  21. Give It Time by MARGE on Bruise Easy (Salinas Records)
  22. Shine and Scatter by Strange Passage on Shine and Scatter (Self Released)
  23. San Diego by Hinds on Leave Me Alone (Lucky Number)
  24. The Outlaw by Prude Boys on The Outlaw b/w Plague My Dreams (Cass Records)
  25. Back to the Land by Vacation (Dead Broke Records)
  26. Internal World by Cloud Nothings on Life Without Sound (Carpark Records)
  27. Comfort Zones by Low Culture on Places to Hide (Dirtnap Records)
  28. Silver Velvet by The Courtneys on II (Flying Nun Records)
  29. Silent Life by Keep Her on Demos 2017 (Self Released)
  30. CA In July by The BombPops on Fear of Missing Out (Self Released)
  31. Get Down by Frankie and the Witch Fingers on Heavy Roller (Permanent Records)
  32. Pavement by Anna on May (Howlin Banana Records)
  33. Buddy by The Orwells on Terrible Human Beings (Atlantic)
  34. Soul On Ice by Danny & The Darleans on Bug Out! (In The Red Records)
  35. Diamond Rio by Devils Teeth on Experimentos Del Sotano (Self Released)
  36. Terror T.V. by Cherry Pits on Splatterday Nite (Jenny Records)
  37. Cry Your Eyes Out by Easy on Easy (Jenny Records)
  38. Una Ciudad Cualquiera by Biznaga on Sentido del Espectaculo (Slovenly Recordings)