Episode 7: Spin The Night


  1. Hallucinating by Elohim on Hallucinating (B3SCI Records)
  2. Drama by 18+ on Collect (Houndstooth)
  3. Window Shades by U.S Girls on Half Free (4AD Ltd)
  4. How Do I Turn by Trails and Ways on Own It (Self Released)
  5. Sol by Navvi on Omni (Hush Hush)
  6. Xxplosive by Dr. Dre on 2001 (Interscope Records)
  7. 2 Blunted by Arca on Stretch 2 (ARCA10000000)
  8. Btstu by Dot on About Us EP (Unspeakable Records)
  9. Rooftop by Nude, Pey on Seasons (Moose Records)
  10. The Bus Song by Jay Som on The Bus Song (Polyvinyl)
  11. So Lillies - Live at RAK by Julia Holter on So Lillies - Live at RAK (Domino Recording)
  12. Disappear by Twin Peaks on I don't wanna Miss You (Grand Jury Music)
  13. Best of You by Blood Orange on Freetown Sound (Domino Recording)
  14. Aerobic Lanbada by Zhala on Zhala (Konichiwa records)
  15. I've Wasted So Much Time by Enjoy on Gold (Burger Records)
  16. Give It Time by Hoops on Hoops EP (Fat Possum Records)
  17. Sweep Me off My Feet by Pond on Sweep Me off My Feet (Spinning Top Records)
  18. Are You With Me Now? by Cate le Bon on Mug Museum (Wichita Recordings)
  19. My Zero by Ezra Furman on Day Of The Dog (Bar None Records)
  20. Love Is Real by Moods on Sincere (Jalapeno Ltd)
  21. Primo by Ark Patrol on Primo (Heroic)
  22. Everybody Does by Julien Baker on Sprained Ankle (6131 Records)
  23. Worn by Faux Fur on Faux Fur (Faux Discx)
  24. The Way I Do by Bishop Briggs on The Way I Do (TelePort Records)
  25. Way You Talk About Me by Sunni Colon on Thierry Disko (Self Released)
  26. night falls down by vbnd, Tola on night falls down (Self Released)
  27. Japanese Candy by Little Teeth on Child Bearing Man (Absolutely Kosher)
  28. Intern by Angel Olsen on MY WOMAN (Jagajaguwar)
  29. Side Effects by Fog Lake on Side Effects (Self Released)
  30. Interesting Thing No. 2 by Posse on Soft Opening (Beating a Dead Horse Records)
  31. Dekire by Charles Murdoch on Weathered Straight (Future Classic)
  32. Descent by midnight on Descent (Majestic Casual Records)