1. Blank In The Blaze by Chavez on Cockfighters (Matador)
  2. Honestly by Zwan on Mary Star Of The Sea (Reprise)
  3. Bloom by Papa M on Highway Songs (Drag City)
  4. Rhine Sagas by Wolf People on Ruins (Jagjaguwar)
  5. The Winter Hit Hard by Hood on Cold House (Aesthetics)
  6. Walk Me Home by Quickspace on Precious Falling (Hidden Agenda)
  7. Learn by Sam Skinner on Danny Through Junior (Soft Speak)
  8. In Care Of 8675309 by Lambchop on FLOTUS (Merge)
  9. I Really Should've Gone Out Last Night by Dirty Three on Whatever You Love, You Are (Touch & Go)
  10. Starless Background by Scooterbabe on The Sorrow You've Been Toting Around (Jigsaw / Perfect Attendance)
  11. Comforting Joe by The Godrays on Songs For TV Stars (Vernon Yard)
  12. Mouse Drum by Left and Right on The Yips (War Hen)
  13. Super Low by Warehouse on Super Low (Bayonnet)
  14. Bones by Crumb on Crumb (Self-released)
  15. Vanishing Twin Syndrome by Vanishing Twin on Choose Your Own Adventure (Soundway)
  16. Hard Fiction Road by J&L Defer on No Map (Exploding In Sound)
  17. For The Rest Of Your Life by Peaer on Peaer (Tiny Engines)
  18. I Can't Wait 'til I Get Rickets by P.E.E. on The Roaring Mechanism (Absolutely Kosher)
  19. A Way Out by Coaster on Deuces EP (Community / Sooper)
  20. Since You're Already Up by The Joggers on With A Cape And A Cane (Startime International)
  21. Sad Sandra by Baseball Gregg on Vacation (La Barberia)
  22. Nothing by UNITY on UNITY (Digital Regress)
  23. Revive by Crying on Beyond the Fleeting Gales (Run For Cover)
  24. Poison Arrow by Point Juncture, WA on Me Or The Party (Party Damage)