Creep Magnet #11


  1. Echoes From Canyon by Giuliano Sorghini & I Visconti on Under Pompelmo (Cinedelic)
  2. Que dira el santo padre? by Violeta Parra
  3. Maria Rural by Arlen Siu
  4. Habib Galbi by A-WA
  5. Ale cert to vem by Zuby Nehty
  6. Joceline by Emeline Michel
  7. Punk Prayer by Pussy Riot
  8. Jomeh by Googoosh
  9. Ah bre devla by Ava Selimi
  10. Hoy Tengo Ganas De Ti by Tanya Zea
  11. Veinte anos by dracula
  12. Mermon by Nadiya
  13. The Sadness of Being a Girl by Carol Kim