Creep Magnet #11


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  1. Echoes From Canyon by Giuliano Sorghini & I Visconti on Under Pompelmo (Cinedelic) $ Buy
  2. Que dira el santo padre? by Violeta Parra (N/A) $ Buy
  3. Maria Rural by Arlen Siu (N/A) $ Buy
  4. Habib Galbi by A-WA (N/A) $ Buy
  5. Ale cert to vem by Zuby Nehty (N/A) $ Buy
  6. Joceline by Emeline Michel (N/A) $ Buy
  7. Punk Prayer by Pussy Riot (N/A) $ Buy
  8. Jomeh by Googoosh (N/A) $ Buy
  9. Ah bre devla by Ava Selimi (N/A) $ Buy
  10. Hoy Tengo Ganas De Ti by Tanya Zea (N/A) $ Buy
  11. Veinte anos by dracula (N/A) $ Buy
  12. Mermon by Nadiya (N/A) $ Buy
  13. The Sadness of Being a Girl by Carol Kim (N/A) $ Buy