Melters 112814 - Special Guests Josh Freydkis and Thomas Rubenstein


  1. No Name Blues by Dick Diver (Fruits and Flowers)
  2. You Can't Be Trusted by G. Green on Area Codes (Mt.St.Mtn.)
  3. Danny Boracho by Chris Brokaw on Gambler's Ecstasy (12XU)
  4. Fed Through a Tube by Ausmuteants (Total Punk)
  5. Sleeping During the Day by The Mint Chicks on Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No! (Flying Nun)
  6. Barf in the Tube by Scupper (Blue Cheese Toothpaste)
  7. Nancy Sing Me A Song by Roy Wood on Boulders (Harvest)
  8. Edward by Amps for Christ on Circuits (Water Wing Records)
  9. Chinatown by Thin Lizzy on Chinatown (Warner Brothers)
  10. Hash Sesh by Ovens (Melters)
  11. Desert Warfare by Sandworm on The Body/Sandworm Split (Thrill Jockey)
  12. Tractor Rape Train by Guided by Voices on Bee Thousand (Scat Records)
  13. Rat Race by Vaccine on Vaccine Demo
  14. Long Pig by Internal Rot on Mental Hygiene (625 Thrashcore)
  15. What's Your Claim by Infest on Discography
  16. Been Lead by Despise You on Despise You/Stapled Shut split (Theologian)
  17. Burning Spirit by Death Side on Bet on the Possibility (Selfish Records)
  18. Shock and Awe by Teenage Fanclub on Shadows (Merge)
  19. How Low Can A Punk Get by Lower Plenty on Hard Rubbish (Easter Bilby)
  20. High School by Lou Barlow's Acoustic Sentridoh on Winning Losers (Smells Like Records)
  21. Calico Girlfriend by Michael Nesmith and the First National Band on Magnetic South (RCA)
  22. Reach You on the Phone by Blank Realm on Grassed Inn (Fire Records)
  23. Lift Every Voice and Sing by Shooby Taylor on Shooby Taylor: The Human Horn (self-released)
  24. In Eternal Dark by Bone Awl on Magnetism of War (Klaxon)
  25. When The Innocent Die by Anti-Cimex on Raped Ass (A-Records)
  26. Ludah Dimatmu by The Secret Prostitutes (Ken Rock Records)
  27. Does it Hurt by Wipers on Better off Dead (Trap Records)
  28. Warrior Night by Cortex on Spinal Injuries (Heartwork Records)
  29. I Want Gun by Zipperhead on Cream of the Crop (Best Before 84)
  30. Menace by Leather Daddy on Cream of the Crop (Best Before 84)
  31. I'm Trrashy by TRRASH on Demo (Self-Released)
  32. Constantly Victimized by Condition (Rust and Machine)
  33. Got No; Instinct by Ivy on Ivy (Katorga Works)
  34. Strike The Match by The Boston Strangler on Fire (Fun With Smack)
  35. Cold and Rhythmic by Manateees on Manateees (Pelican Pow-Wow)
  36. Red Light for the Greens by Deep Freeze Mice on The Best Of The Deep Freeze Mice ‎ (Night People)
  37. White on a Friday Night by Golden Pelicans on Golden Pelicans (Total Punk)
  38. Raindrops by Obnox on Louder Space (12XU)
  39. Loving You by Anasazi on Attic Noise (Toxic State)
  40. Break
  41. To the Stumped Underdogs by Bastard on No Hope in Here (Bastard Records)