Anti-Gravity Bunny Radio (2017-01-16)

There's probably only a few names on here that you don't recognize and one of them is probably MJ Lallo and that is seriously the only one that matters. Full Spectrum dug up a copy of the original 1988 tape, remastered it, and shared it with the world, vocal heavy weirdo exotica that sounds a bit like The Knife + Suzanne Ciani.


  1. Tenderloin Tanz by Pan Daijing on A Satin Sight (Bedouin)
  2. Non-Dark Destinations by Keiji Haino, Jozef Dumoulin, & Teun Verbruggen on The Miracles Of Only One Thing (Sub Rosa)
  3. I Am The Cello by Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson on Wondrous Intermission (Coherent States)
  4. 5 by Thomas Köner on Tiento De La Luz (Denovali)
  5. Somnambulist by Lawrence English on Cruel Optimism (Room40)
  6. Above / Below by Celer & Dirk Serries on Background Curtain (Zoharum)
  7. Withdrawal by Robert Aiki Aubrey Lower on Thought Withdrawal (Land And Sea)
  8. Blues For Buddha by MJ Lallo on The Channeled Voice (Full Spectrum)
  9. Magois by Mai Mai Mai on Phi (Boring Machines)