cheetle radio 11.28


  1. Tough Love by Cocktails on Adult Life (Father/Daughter)
  2. Autumn Sun by Monodrag on NA (NA)
  3. Garden of Time by Syd Arthur on Sound Mirror (NA)
  4. Vegetable by Acid Baby Jesus on Selected Recordings (NA)
  5. Days by Psychic Ills on NA (NA)
  6. Decadence by Nots on We Are Nots (Goner Records)
  7. Full Time Dreamers by The Black Waves on NA (NA)
  8. Spaced Out by White Fang on NA (NA)
  9. Pure Terror by Jack Name on NA (NA)
  10. Medication by The Abigails on Tundra (Burger Records)
  11. I Almost Fell by Axxa Abraxas on NA (NA)
  12. Still Dont Seem To Care by Talk in Tongues on NA (Fairfax)
  13. You & High by Strange Milk on NA (NA)
  14. The Boy I Jumped In The Hemlock Alley by White Fence on Cyclops Reap (CastleFace)
  15. Wolfman by The UFO Club
  16. Bainbridge by Tijuana Panthers on NA (NA)
  17. Follow Your Way by The Holydrug Couple on NA (NA)
  18. Mazes by Moon Duo on NA (NA)
  19. Passion Plays by Wymond Miles on Cu Yourself Free (Sacred Bones)
  20. Oh So Fine by Mystic Braves on NA (Lollipop)
  21. General Education by FROTH on NA (NA)