003 - Post Truth


  1. What Is True by Dusted Lux on Neverended (Preservation)
  2. Time Zones by Negativland on Escape From Noise (SST Records)
  3. Astral Traveling by Pharaoh Saunders on Thembi (Impulse!/ MCA Records Inc)
  4. Does East Bakestan Belong To Itself by Lard Free on I'm Around About Midnight (Wah Wah Records)
  5. The Future Never Comes by Deru on 1979 (Friends Of Friends)
  6. Lontano by György Ligeti on The Ligeti Project II (Warner Classics)
  7. II by Astral Colonels on Good Times In The End Times (Immediata)
  8. Control Systems by GNOD on Infinity Machines (Rocket Recordings)
  9. Chaotic Scales After Ligeti's Lontano by Tobias Hazan on Chaos In Expansion (Sub Rosa)
  10. With The Light Pen by Teresa Rampazzi on Musica Endoscopica (Die Schachtel)
  11. Lear by Pauline Oliveros, Stuart Dempster, Panaiotis on Deep Listening (Important Records)