Lady Shoe


  1. Oh Bondage (Up Yours) by X-Ray Spex on Perfect Unpop (Cherry Red)
  2. Popsicles And Icicles by The Murmaids on A Few Of The Things We Love (Ace Records)
  3. The Woman in Your Life Is Still You by Alix Dobkin on Living with Lavender Jane (Woman's Wax Works)
  4. My Pal Foot Foot by The Shaggs on Philosophy Of The World (Third World Recordings)
  5. I Met Him on a Sunday by Reparta & The Delrons on 1970 Rock Revolution (Transcontinent)
  6. Third Finger, Left Hand by Martha Reeves & The Vandellas on The Complete Introduction to Northern Soul (Universal)
  7. Chicharones Dulces by Las Chic's on Impactos V1 (Sony)
  8. Idern U Svet by Sanjalice on Original Extended Play Collection (Croatia)
  9. Idern U Svet by Sanjalice on Original Extended Play Collection (Croatia)
  10. Idern U Svet by Sanjalice on Original Extended Play Collection (Croatia)
  11. Egyptian Shumba by The Tammys on Egyptian Shumba (United Artists)
  12. Bertamasja by Dara Puspita on Pebbles Vol. 9 Indonesia Pt 1 (PEBBLES)
  13. Where Have You Gone by The Pleasure Seekers on What A Way To Die (self)
  14. Fun at the Beach by The B-Girls on Who Says Girls Can't Rock (Other People's Music)
  15. Easy Life by The Bodysnatchers on Easy Life (Chrysalis)
  16. To Doch Nicht So by Carambolage on Carambolage (FUEGO)
  17. Take It All Away by Girlschool on Demolition (Sanctuary)
  18. Die Matrosen by Kleenex on Lilput (Kill Rock Stars)
  19. White Mice by Modettes on Perfect Unpop (Cherry Red)
  20. You Say by The Nixe on I Don't Care (Collection Dutch Punk) (Pseudonym)
  21. Caucasian Gilt by Noh Mercy on "Fame" John Savage Secret History of Post Punk (Caroline true Records)
  22. Space Mountain by Galaxy on Day Without The Sun (Akarma)
  23. Substitute by Peaches on Substitute (Lifestyle Music)
  24. I Eat Cannibals by Total Coelo on New Wave Hits Of The '80s, Vol. 09
  25. Sta se to dagadja by Cice Mace on Cice - Mace (Jugoton)
  26. Friday Night by Arabesque on Treff 78-2 (Talent As)
  27. Helpless (You Took My Love) by The Flirts on Made in America (High Fashion Music)
  28. Break
  29. Talk It Over by Frizzle Sizzle on Heerlijk Hollands (Cloud 9 Music)
  30. Break
  31. Playmate - Coco Striptease by Les Coco Girls on Best of Coco Girls (Musiques & Solutions)
  32. Meeting in the Ladies Room by Klymaxx on Meeting in the Ladies Room (Geffen)
  33. Bad Girls by The Star Sisters on Danger (Red Bullet)