Creep Magnet #12


  1. Tipp City by The Amps on Pacer (4AD)
  2. Sun by Margo Guryan
  3. Break
  4. Yellow Blinds, Cream Shadows by Cate Le Bon on Crab Day (Drag City)
  5. Pancake by Swirlies
  6. Mind Control by CCTV on Cool Bands 2 (NWI)
  7. Deathwish by The Liggers (WAITING ROOM RECORDS)
  8. I won't by The Spurtz
  9. Until Then by Broadcast
  10. Aging Astronauts II by Mary Timony on Everything Is Nice - The Matador Records 10th Anniversary Anthology (Matador Records)
  11. Descripcion by Elia y Elizabeth
  12. Sun, Sea, Sand by The Revolving Paint Dream
  13. To Where by Grass Widow
  14. Pressure by Lie
  15. 'Round Your Way by Brilliant Colors
  16. I'm Sorry by Inflatable Boy Clams
  17. Francine's List by Pink Section
  18. Janitor by Suburban Lawns
  19. #1 Must Have by Sleater-Kinney