Creep Magnet #13


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  1. Twiggy Twiggy by Pizzicato Five on Made In USA (Matador ) $ Buy
  2. Fantastic Voyage by Takako Minekawa + DJ Me DJ You on Fun9 (Emperor Norton) $ Buy
  3. Yukarin' Disco by Yukari Fresh on Sushi 4004 (Bungalow) $ Buy
  4. You Are My Music by hi-posi on Sushi 4004 (Bungalow) $ Buy
  5. Samba De Sunny Side Up by Collette on Sushi 4004 (Bungalow) $ Buy
  6. Change by Bridge (n/a) $ Buy
  7. Beef Jerky by Cibo Matto (n/a) $ Buy
  8. Discotheque Du Paradis by Buffalo Daughter (n/a) $ Buy
  9. Elastic Girl by カヒミ・カリィ/Kahimi Karie (n/a) $ Buy
  10. One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ten Barbie Dolls by Pizzicato Five on Everything is Nice: The Matador Records 10th Anniversary Anthology (Matador Records) $ Buy
  11. Sneaker Song! by Plus-Tech Squeeze Box (n/a) $ Buy