Anti-Gravity Bunny Radio (2014-12-01) - Label Spotlight: Eilean Records

Probably the best label to start up this year. So fuckin good. Dig in.


  1. Evenings Wait; The Morning's Break by Twincities on Variations For The Celesta (Eilean Records)
  2. Nocturne; in S Major by HolyKindOf on Stay/Sea (Eilean Records)
  3. untitled by Danny Clay on Archive (Eilean Records)
  4. Ghost Boy by Xu on Butterfly Meets Mountain (Eilean Records)
  5. Bramble And Thorn by Sublamp on Lianas (Eilean Records)
  6. Meon by Vhr-1.7 on Lost Angle (Eilean Records)
  7. Shoreline Flights by BMRN on Immersion / Drift / Accretion / Shift (Eilean Records)
  8. Oda Al Diente De León by Miguel Isaza on Uji (Eilean Records)
  9. Flow by Nathan McLaughlin on Nothing to Be Sad About (Eilean Records)
  10. Aurora by Pascal Savy on Adrift (Eilean Records)
  11. A Figure Falls Still by Aaron Martin on Comet's Coma (Eilean Records)
  12. The Grand Union by Leigh Toro on L'Esprit De L'Escalier (Eilean Records)