The Highpoint Lowlife Radio Show, Broadcast 54


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  1. Intro by Carsten Jost on Perishable Tactics (-) $ Buy
  2. Arrival by Jóhann Jóhannsson on Arrival (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (-) $ Buy
  3. Remember Me by Ancient Methods on The First Siren - EP (-) $ Buy
  4. Always Leaving by Aidan Baker & Claire Brentnall on Delirious Things (-) $ Buy
  5. This Green City (RS Vocal Demo) by The Glove on Blue Sunshine (-) $ Buy
  6. Closeness by Unfinished Portraits on Memory Lake (-) $ Buy
  7. Blinded By The Light by ITPDWIP on Eye Can See The Darkness (In The End Of The Tunnel) (-) $ Buy
  8. OverGirlX by Seekerinternational on LoversDedicationStation (-) $ Buy
  9. Blank Ink by EXPRESSWAY YO-YO DIETING on Undone Harmony Following (-) $ Buy
  10. Screen by Visible Cloaks on Reassemblage (-) $ Buy
  11. Habitat by Soda Lite on In Eco (Soda Lite) $ Buy
  12. Priority (ft. P Money) by Mr. Mitch on Devout (Mr. Mitch) $ Buy
  13. Fingered (Basic House Erosion) by Suspended In Gaffa on Nurse Surgeon Nurse (Opal Tapes) $ Buy
  14. Before You Sleep by Bruce on HEK027 (Hemlock) $ Buy
  15. Portion 22 by Rings Around Saturn on Erosion (Visit $ Buy
  16. Monday Mellow by Juju & Jordash on What About Tuesday? (-) $ Buy
  17. Rotunde by Aera on Aera (Hivern Discs) $ Buy
  18. DJ SWAGGER by A1) Return of the Swagger on Greatest Hits (natural sciences) $ Buy
  19. Pig Of A Man by Mic Mills on The Globalise LP (costal haze) $ Buy
  20. XIV by The Burrell Connection on The Second Annual Fundraiser - War Child (-) $ Buy
  21. Opium by Moiré on No Future (-) $ Buy
  22. Yes He Is by Sweely on All The Reasons (Visit $ Buy
  23. She Moved To My Area by Ben Hauke on Rough, Ready, Steady EP (Visit $ Buy
  24. North Pole Cafe by Chaos In The CBD on Accidental Meetings EP (Visit $ Buy
  25. Why U Mad by Drae Da Skimask on Ficante (-) $ Buy
  26. The Escape Of The Blvck Rxbbit by Jlin featuring Avril Stormy Unger on Dark Lotus (Planet Mu) $ Buy