The Highpoint Lowlife Radio Show, Broadcast 54


  1. Intro by Carsten Jost on Perishable Tactics
  2. Arrival by Jóhann Jóhannsson on Arrival (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
  3. Remember Me by Ancient Methods on The First Siren - EP
  4. Always Leaving by Aidan Baker & Claire Brentnall on Delirious Things
  5. This Green City (RS Vocal Demo) by The Glove on Blue Sunshine
  6. Closeness by Unfinished Portraits on Memory Lake
  7. Blinded By The Light by ITPDWIP on Eye Can See The Darkness (In The End Of The Tunnel)
  8. OverGirlX by Seekerinternational on LoversDedicationStation
  9. Blank Ink by EXPRESSWAY YO-YO DIETING on Undone Harmony Following
  10. Screen by Visible Cloaks on Reassemblage
  11. Habitat by Soda Lite on In Eco (Soda Lite)
  12. Priority (ft. P Money) by Mr. Mitch on Devout (Mr. Mitch)
  13. Fingered (Basic House Erosion) by Suspended In Gaffa on Nurse Surgeon Nurse (Opal Tapes)
  14. Before You Sleep by Bruce on HEK027 (Hemlock)
  15. Portion 22 by Rings Around Saturn on Erosion (Visit
  16. Monday Mellow by Juju & Jordash on What About Tuesday?
  17. Rotunde by Aera on Aera (Hivern Discs)
  18. DJ SWAGGER by A1) Return of the Swagger on Greatest Hits (natural sciences)
  19. Pig Of A Man by Mic Mills on The Globalise LP (costal haze)
  20. XIV by The Burrell Connection on The Second Annual Fundraiser - War Child
  21. Opium by Moiré on No Future
  22. Yes He Is by Sweely on All The Reasons (Visit
  23. She Moved To My Area by Ben Hauke on Rough, Ready, Steady EP (Visit
  24. North Pole Cafe by Chaos In The CBD on Accidental Meetings EP (Visit
  25. Why U Mad by Drae Da Skimask on Ficante
  26. The Escape Of The Blvck Rxbbit by Jlin featuring Avril Stormy Unger on Dark Lotus (Planet Mu)