The Hanging Garden Radio Show 2/28/2017 w/guest DJ Bela!


  1. Water by Blessure Grave on The Flashing
  2. Delirious by The The on Burning Blue Soul
  3. Not Me by This Mortal Coil on It'll End In Tears
  4. When It's Over by The Wipers on Youth Of America
  5. Quiet In Heaven by Faith No Man
  6. Spark by Assemblage 23 on Compass
  7. Vanished by Crystal Castles on Crystal Castles
  8. Everybody Knows by Leonard Cohen on I'm Your Man
  9. Blacklist by The Legendary Pink Dots
  10. Black Metallic by Catherine Wheel on Ferment
  11. Poison by Generation X on Kiss Me Deadly
  12. Through The Ceiling by Flowers For Agatha on Young, Foolish, Old and Stupid
  13. Cloud 9 by Sad Lovers and Giants on Epic Garden Music
  14. I Am A Horse by Kabuki
  15. No Real Mercy (Edit Mix) by Midnight Configuration on The Kissing Skull
  16. Simple Addictions by Screams For Tina on Strobelight Funeral EP
  17. Sensual World by Kate Bush on Sensual World
  18. Pyramid Song by Radiohead on Amnesiac
  19. Nature's Interface by Haujobb on Solutiions For A Small Planet
  20. Accidents Of Gesture by Rome on Flowers FromExile
  21. Atmosphere by Joy Division