My Sick & Twisted Reality 15


  1. Niggas by Kamaiyah on A Good Night in the Ghetto (self-released)
  2. Hive by Idle Bloom on Little Deaths (Fraternity As Vanity)
  3. Rotten Thing by Exit Order on Demo (2013) (Self-Released)
  4. Rapacity by Restraint on Restraint (Self-Released)
  5. Los Alamos by Jeff & Jane Hudson on Flesh (J & J Records)
  6. Praying To The Gaps by Cold Meat on Jimmy's Lipstick (Helta Skelta Records)
  7. Airpot by Les Stagiaires on Des Jeunes Gens Modernes Vol. 2 (Born Bad)
  8. Lights Out by Secret Shame on Basement Demo (Self-Released)
  9. To Have and Have Not by Ronny on To Have and Have Not (Polydor)
  10. Mixed Signals by Alright (Negative Fun Records/Self Aware Records)
  11. (death/tango) by Olivia-Neutron John (Gilgongo Records)
  12. Haircut by No on Demo 2016 (self-released)
  13. Magic Island Ripper by Beat Detectives on Climate Change (Not Not Fun)
  14. (don't wanna be) One of the Boys by Heavy Pockets on Mopeless (Dead Broke Rekerds)
  15. Deny by King Woman on Created In The Image Of Suffering (Relapse)
  16. A New Name by Pleasure Leftists on The Woods Of Heaven (Gordon Dufresne)
  17. Sun by Echo Lake on Era (No Pain In Pop)
  18. Futuristic Hieroglyphs by Casual Hex on Fleshed Out (Halfshell Records)
  19. Yoru No Sei by Yoshiko Sai on Mangekyo (Black)
  20. Living Out by Slowcoaches on Nothing Gives (Leisure & District)
  21. Teardrop by Massive Attack on Mezzanine (Virgin)
  22. Naloxone by Freak Vibe on Prostration (Casino Trash Records)
  23. Wild Mind by White Poppy on Natural Phenomena (Not Not Fun)
  24. Rollerdyke by Queen of Jeans on Queen of Jeans EP (Third Uncle Records)
  25. The Fifth Wave: Water Lullaby by Suzanne Ciani on Seven Waves (Finnadar Records)
  26. Breathless by Gurr on In My Head (Duchess Box Records)
  27. Painting Box by The Incredible String Band on The 5000 Spirits Or The Layers Of The Onion (Elektra)
  28. Ginger by Real Clothes (Self-Released)
  29. Underground by Wet Nurse on So It Goes (Recess Records)
  30. Provoked by Rut on Attraction (Self-Released)