Tuff Signals 145


  1. Told You I'd Be With The Guys by Cherry Glazerr on Apocalipstick (Secretly Canadian)
  2. Ratas by Rata Nera on Oido Absoluto LP (La Vida Es Un Mus)
  3. Lonely You by Wax Idols on American Tragic (Self Released)
  4. High Ratings by Wall on Untitled (Warfcat Records)
  5. Mad Man by Ana Lucia on Ana Lucia (Self Released)
  6. Lelia 20 by Priests on Nothing Feels Natural (Dischord Records)
  7. Cold Line by NOTS on Cosmetic (Goner Records)
  8. New Mane by Goldmines on Goldmines (Quality Time Records)
  9. Let Me In by Habibi on Habibi (Burger Records)
  10. Stay by Bitter on Bitter (Pup Records)
  11. 123 by Girlpool on Powerplant (ANTI-Records)
  12. Slop by Forth Wanderers on Slop (Father/Daughter Records)
  13. Night #1 by Maraudeur on Flexi (Self Released)
  14. No Prize by SPOTTING on Demo CS (No Patience Records)
  15. You Come First by JJ Doll (What's for Breakfast)
  16. Tummy Ache by Diet Cig on Swear I'm Good At This (Polyvinyl)
  17. I'm Glad There's Only 2 of Me by Pale Lips on Wanna Be Bad (Resurrection Records)
  18. Sad to See You Go by Midnight Snaxxx on Chew on This (Pelican Pow Wow)
  19. I Don't Wanna Lie by Peach Fuzz on Peach Fuzz (Dumpster Tapes)
  20. Friends First by The Meltaways on The Meltaways (What's for Breakfast? Records)
  21. Daylight Savings by Gymshorts on No Backsies (Wiener Records)
  22. Chemicals by Fox Face on Fox Face (Self Released)
  23. Ave My Friends by Trampoline Team on Make It Faster (Pelican Pow Wow)
  24. Captin's Dead by The Coathangers on Parasite EP (Suicide Squeeze Records)
  25. Seashore by The Regrettes on Feel Your Feelings Fool! (WB Records)
  26. Minnesota by The Courtneys on III (Flying Nun Records)
  27. Hit Reset by The Julie Ruin on Hit Reset (Hardly Art)
  28. Unwritten by Worriers on Imaginary Life (Don Geovani Records)
  29. I for an Eye by Waxx (Self Released)
  30. Mistake by Casual Sweetheart on Always/Never (Cold Slither)
  31. Spotted Gold by Stef Chura on Messes (Urinal Cake Records)
  32. The Things That You Did by Rebel Kind on Just For Fools (Urinal Cake Records)
  33. TV Dreams by Katie Ellen on TV Dreams (Lauren Records)
  34. Law of Attractions by Strawberry Jacuzzi on Watch The Clock (Grabbing Clouds Records)
  35. Wasting My Time by THICK on It's Always Something... (Torched Car)
  36. Snakes by Kera & the Lesbians on Year 23 (Self Released)
  37. Assholes by Mommy Long Legs on Assholes EP (Self Released)