full worm moon


journey into the earth  meditation from the way of the shamanby michael harner, 1980

esther hicks channeling abraham hicks - "how to chill and allow positive energy to flow through you"

the planet man - "cosmic communicator", 1950

sub-personality visualization tape, debbie ford, 1998 (the ford group)

shadowing the mark on foot from the private investigator's handbook by chuck chambers, PI


cover art by shayna yasuhara


  1. the cement garden by the moonlandingz on black hanz (chimera)
  2. ode to the pleiades by clap! clap! on a thousand skies (black acre)
  3. transition by atelje on meditation (dan lissvik)
  4. honey devash by date palms on honey devash (kemado / mexican summer)
  5. happiness by the monks of weston priory on songs of openness to new life (the benedictine foundation of the state of vermont)
  6. get on home by charles manson on the manson jams (n/a)