Hearts in the Basement #8


  1. Basement by Real Estate on Reality (Mexican Summer)
  2. Doggy by Animal Collective on Campfire Songs (My Animal Home)
  3. Sleep Away Your Troubles by The Softies on Holiday in Rhode Island (K Records)
  4. I Won't Share You by The Smiths on Strangeways Here We Come (Rough Trade Records)
  5. I Think I Knew by Cate le Bon on Mug Museum (Wichita Recordings)
  6. I So Liked Spring by Linda Smith on Sky Girl (Efficient Space)
  7. Fast Moving Cars by Carla Dal Forno on You Know What It's Like (Blackest Ever Black)
  8. Iron Curtain by The Crabs on Jackpot (K Records)
  9. Jean's Waving by Amor de Días on The House at Sea (Merge Records)
  10. L-L-L-Leave Me Alone by Alex Lahey on B-Grade University (Alex Lahey)
  11. Girls FM by Happy Birthday on Happy Birthday (Sub Pop)
  12. Nights by Totally Mild on Down Time (Bedroom Suck)
  13. Half Past France by John Cale on Paris 1919 (Reprise Records)
  14. Necessary Evil by Unknown Mortal Orchestra on Multi-Love (Jagjaguar)
  15. Take These Chains by 10cc on Bloody Tourists (Polydor Records)
  16. Living Room by Alex Napping on Mise En Place (Father/Daughter)
  17. Splash Your Jewels by David Kilgour on Here Come the Cars (Flying Nun Records)
  18. Humans by Big Thief on Masterpiece (Saddle Creek)
  19. Hermanita by Los Sleepers on Zombie (Cometa)
  20. I Really Need Love by The Bees on Every Step's a Yes (Fiction Records)
  21. City Boy by Jesus Vio on Debes Siempre Estar Contento Jesus (BUFU Records)
  22. Flowers on the Wall by Tomorrows Tulips on Experimntal Jelly (Burger Records)
  23. Canis Major by Andrew Cedermark on Home Life (Underwater Peoples)
  24. Cruiser by Red House Painters on Old Ramon (Sub Pop)
  25. Underwater Boy by Virna Lindt on Shiver (Compact Records)
  26. Fade 2 Black by Exit Someone on Dry Your Eyes (Atelier Ciseaux Records)
  27. Femme by Le Couleur on Voyage Love EP (Lisbon Lux Records)
  28. Say Please by Teams vs. Star Slinger on Teams vs. Star Slinger (Mexican Summer)