The Highpoint Lowlife Radio Show, Episode 58


  1. Limerence by Yves Tumor on Mono No Aware (PAN)
  2. Sea Breeze by BCPL on Construction, Rhythm (Highpoint Lowlife)
  3. Main Champagne by BCPL on Construction, Rhythm (Highpoint Lowlife)
  4. O-Coast by Overmono on Arla II (XL Recordings)
  6. Thoughts (Feat Mar-G) by Dukwa on Shattered In A Thousand Pieces (Visit
  7. Sage Caswell by Sage Caswell on Hoop Earring (spring theory)
  8. Save Me by Darius Vaikas on Oasis - EP (Pets)
  9. 177 Downlow by Arnaldo on Good Music Hips, Bad Music Fists (naturist)
  10. Simba by Verdo on Back to the Source - EP (danny was a drag king)
  11. Morning Shift by Project Pablo on Scented Trip (spring theory)
  12. Emilé by Mark Barrott on Music for Presence (international feel)
  13. ESC by DJ Chap on DRUM PAKK 1
  14. Planetfall by ASOK on Virtual Light (Visit
  15. Earthrise by Tracey on Skyfall
  16. Italo Love by Steve Murphy on Bloodcake 909 (Hot Haus Recs)
  17. Wonky Wonky Wonky by Passarani on Analog Fingerprints Vol 1. (Numbers)
  18. ---- by Roza Roza on Sadok Sudei (Visit
  19. In An Emergency by Ross From Friends on Don't Sleep, There Are Snakes (Visit
  20. Pool Party Music by Mall Grab on Pool Party Music (Hot Haus Recs)
  21. Water Cannon by Bakradze on Before Time Altered Themtransfigured time (transfigured time)
  22. Gem by Jesse Futerman on My Favourite Merchant (church)
  23. Never Been in Love, Pt. III by Sam Weston on Never Been in Love (soothsayer)
  24. Rule of Three by Marion Poncet on Chineurs de House: Chasing da Hippo (la chinerie)
  25. I Said Goodbye To Dreams Of You At The Shore by Rimbaudian on Letters (Ten Thousand Yen)
  26. Love Shy (Tuff Jam Vocal Mix) by Kristine Blond on Love Shy (armada)