Businesswoman Special #5: Avi's Here!!


  1. Still Falls the Rain by Roxy Music
  2. Jesse Got Trapped in a Coal Mine by Goodnight, Texas
  3. Eardrum Buzz by Wire on IBTABA
  4. Smiling (Quirky Race Doc) by Open Mike Eagle & Paul White
  5. Fools In Love by Joe Jackson
  6. Leave the Light On by Overcoats
  7. Leave the Light On by Overcoats
  8. The American In Me by Avengers on Avengers
  9. Brothers by The Brothers Comatose
  10. Angelface by Atmosphere
  11. Sad/Satisifed by M. Lockwood Porter
  12. I Should Have Been a Con Man by Avi Vinocur
  13. Been Around The World by Cracker
  14. Been Around The World by Cracker
  15. Como Hacer? by Diana Gameros
  16. This Ole King by WHY? on Mon Lhean (Joyful Noise)
  17. It Don't Suit Me (Like Before) by John Moreland
  18. Oh My God by A Tribe Called Quest
  19. A Bank Robber's Nursery Rhyme by Goodnight, Texas
  20. 62 Moons by Cold Beat on Chaos By Invitation (Crime On The Moon)
  21. The Summer You Let Your Hair Grow Out by Pansy Division
  22. Qualifiers by Open Mike Eagle
  23. Natural Life by Cool Ghouls
  24. Sundown by Con Brio
  25. I Wanna Sleep In Your Arms by The Modern Lovers