Bernal Beast's Steph Miller, Part 1

Steph Miller used to have dreams of playing professional baseball.

Her parents met out east, where they're from. But their families weren't so keen on their respective different backgrounds, so the young couple came to the West Coast. Steph's dad got a job in a San Francisco law firm while her mom taught French.

Steph talks about her childhood, and she and Jeff start to realize how much they have in common. She goes on to describe her life in Atherton in the 1980s, before tech really took over the Peninsula culture. She was a latchkey kid who played a lot of baseball.

She shares stories of her family dogs and going to Giants games at Candlestick Park. Then Steph ends this episode with a recount of her college days in New Orleans and eventual return to the Bay Area.

We recorded this podcast at Bernal Beast in Bernal Heights in August 2020.

Photography by Michelle Kilfeather

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