Rodrigo Ehecatl Durán, Part 1

Rodrigo Durán's parents come from very different backgrounds.

In this episode, the host of Real City Ambassadors shares the stories of his parents' respective moves from Mexico to San Francisco. His dad came to the U.S. from Mexico City after becoming disillusioned with the revolutionary movement in his homeland, ended up in The City, and fell in with low-riders and Central Americans here. Rodrigo's mom is from a small town in Jalisco, and her father came to the U.S. on the Bracero Program. The two met in San Francisco, where Rodrigo and his siblings were born.

After a brief time back with family in Mexico, Rodrigo returned to SF, went to school in Chinatown, and got involved in the Aztec dance community through his dad.

Rodrigo ends this podcast reflecting on the inclusion he felt from various communities in San Francisco.

Please join us for Part 2 this Thursday.

We recorded this podcast at the Calle 24 Latino Cultural District office in the Mission in November 2020.

Photography by Michelle Kilfeather

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