Cartoonist Jaime Crespo, Part 2

In this podcast, Jaime picks up where he left off in Part 1, describing his evolution as an artist. Like a lot of kids his age, Saturday morning cartoons were a big influence. Comics in the newspaper also played their part.

We shift back to his return to SF after high school. He worked as a screen-printer at The Color Machine and Winterland. The music venue was closed, but Jaime shares stories of playing and seeing shows at The Mab back in the day.

Jaime dives into the street art scene in The City in the '80s, which he dabbled in. He also talks about his first publishing experiences. He took a brief break from his art and left San Francisco to raise a kid and go back to college. But his friend Harvey Pekar got him back into drawing about five years later.

He shares the story of starting Corn Tortilla Press (check out their About page for all the stuff in Jaime's life we didn't have time to talk about here).

Jaime ends the podcast reflecting on what's become of the city he used to call home and what's possible for the future of San Francisco.

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We recorded this podcast at Jaime's home in Alameda in May 2021.

Photography by Michelle Kilfeather

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