Bartender Matt Sterling, Part 2

In this episode, Matt picks up where he left off in Part 1. He talks about places in the US that his family traveled before Matt went to college in Santa Cruz. He shares what went into his decision to stay close to home for school. He graduated in five years and stayed one extra because he didn't want to leave.

Then he came back to what is essentially his hometown: San Francisco. His first place was at the top of Telegraph Hill and he loved living in North Beach. He worked in catering, and despite the recession that hit in 2008, never lost his job.

Matt still loves to travel, but like our host Jeff, he always loves coming home to San Francisco. He tells us about jobs he's had since his return to living here, including at the Edgewood Center for Children and Families. After Edgewood, Matt started working for Tonic Nightlife Group, which owns a few bars here in The City.

From here, we go on a sidetrack about what being from here means to Matt. He talks about his never-ending appreciation for all the sites and attractions in The City.

Hosting pub quizzes started for Matt at Tonic Bar in 2014. He shares that story for us. Matt wrote the San Francisco trivia we read and guests competed in at our first ever pub quiz. That was at "We're Still Here" back in September.

Pub quizzes went virtual when the pandemic began, and they remain online (and in person) today.

We end the podcast with Matt's response to our Season 4 theme: We're still here.

If you missed Part 1, please go back and listen to Matt talk about his ancestors and his early life.

We recorded this podcast at Soda Popinski's on Nob Hill in November 2021.

Photography by Michelle Kilfeather

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