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Animal Collective


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lesser labyrinths first played Fireworks at 2:53pm on Saturday 3rd Oct, 2015.


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  • a sound collage of sound collage — plunderphonics, easy listening, toy instruments, & other snippets from this weekend...

    Shoebox Office S4 E22 60 mins

  • Music with organs of unusual origin.

    Shoebox Office S4 E16 60 mins

  • It looks like we might have yet another chance to catch a glimpse of the northern lights tonight! In the meantime, it's still pretty early on…

    Top Spin S1 E129 120 mins

  • music from & to & about mothers, plus audio excerpts from Motherhood .

    Shoebox Office S4 E15 60 mins

  • some folk songs for a sung tongs birthday 💛

    Shoebox Office S4 E14 60 mins

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