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Louise first played I Been at 3:26am on Saturday 6th Jul, 2019.


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  • FEELING RICH & CON$UMERI$TIC, $ongs that help you feel like you're kim k flying on her ca$hmere-lined private jet (capitali$m and wealth hoarding... a disea$e) feat.

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  • and rinse. and rinse. why wont my mouth just stay clean. repetition. Change the channel!  2022 seems like just a rerun of 2021

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  • Sheeessshhhh! I'm still not quite ready to dive back into my heady nerd shit....and that's okay! Part of my responsibility as curator/creator of media is to…

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  • Mount Saint Whatever. Here I lay my flag, and stake my claim. Sometimes I aim at the lowest peaks. Just enough to not be classified as…

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